March 13, 2012

How to Dress for a Speakeasy: 1920's Style Part II

With the recent coast-to-coast resurgence of retro culture, especially the Jazz Age,  you too can relive the glitz, glamour and style of the 1920's era. This is Part II of How to Dress for a Speakeasy. You can see Part 1, here.

Elements of Dress

  • Feathers, long pearls, sequins, beaded clothing, fedoras, cloches, oxfords.
  • Dropped waists are a huge trend, this spring and very 1920's.  
  • Keep in mind the Art Deco style as well -- squares, triangles and circles.
  • For flapper shoes, wear mary janes or t-bar heels. 
  • For men; bow ties, suspenders, tuxes, zoot suits


Gabriela Hernandez, creator of Bésame Cosmetics, cosmetic historian and author of “Classic Beauty, The History of Makeup.” says, “ For recreating the ‘20s can make the look more modern by leaving the eyebrows a more natural thickness, but using a pencil only to round the tops and lengthen them toward the temples. Also, you can make the lip shade a bit more natural by rounding the tops of the Cupid’s bow, so the tips are not as sharp. Matching your powder to your skin color will also make the look more contemporary since, in the past, the norm was using very light color powders.

Places to Shop

Your local thrift stores, vintage boutiques and resale shops.

  • Don't go crazy. You don't necessarily need a fancy dress, hat, boa, and tons of accessories. 
  • Focus on one amazing item and then choose pieces that will compliment the amazing piece; whether it's a hat or dress.
  • Avoid looking like you are wearing a Halloween costume, the goal is to create the flapper look in a modern way, or a way that works for you.
  • Can't find anything or low on cash? Crash your parents or grandparents closet! It's amazing how you can dress up a silk slip with a lot of pearls, some heels and a sequin headband!
  • The 1920's were about the pursuit of happiness and individuality. Wear what makes you feel amazing and authentic!



Debbie said...

Nice review. A few corrections. Men should not wear Zoot Suits- they were 1940's not 1920's. Sequins today are not like sequins back in the 20's (which were rarely used anyways.) Beaded headbands and trims will look more authentic and less like a Halloween costume.

Love the pictures!

May Loh said...

Fabulous photos! I love the 1920s and your blog is just lovely!
May x