September 15, 2015

Modafly Review

I am obsessed with high waisted jeans. I started wearing them a few years ago before they became trendy and I've been through A LOT of pairs. I started with the American Apparel easy jeans but they didn't last long for me wearing them everyday. They became faded and started falling apart. Then I found Top Shop Joni Moto High Waist jeans and they have been my favorite ever since! Only problem is they are $78 retail and I go through a pair a season. I started looking on Ebay for reduced prices and found Modafly. They sell mostly Topshop and Asos and other on trend clothing. I've been buying my Joni jeans from them and you can get them at a fraction of the price, about $40! So worth it if you are like me and wear them a lot, especially in the fall and winter. You are welcome!

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